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The Company:

Headquartered at 1138 Potomac Ave, Hagerstown, MD 21742, the Company owns only its patent application, and has no debt, overhead, employees, or outside investors.

Inventor, C.E.O & Founder

Mike LeonardMike Leonard. Electrical-process control engineering: He is credited with engineering more than 40 innovative projects and several inventions. He is supervising the production of samples and technology descriptions. His recognized expertise extends over electrical, hydro, mechanical, material and civil engineering. Among his hundreds of projects, he has worked extensively with Honeywell and Johnson Controls, and has engineered substantial projects for General Motors (1987-1993), Chicago School Systems (1994), the Alexandria Detention Center (1999), and the Department of Defense (2000-2012), which together total approximately $6.2B. For additional information about him click on Facebook or LinkedIn.

The company has no other officers at this time while pursuing only its patent application and funding.

Email: or U.S. mail Mike at 1138 Potomac Ave, Hagerstown, MD 21742.