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Achieve development, manufacturing and marketing of insulation that enables buildings in the near future to achieve Zero Net Energy primarily by halving the energy needed to cool and heat them.

Fully implemented, over time this insulation would reduce atmospheric pollution from unnecessary cooling and heating by more than three hundred million metric tons per year in the U.S. alone.

Soleil insulation technology could cut in half the cooling and heating energy required for the million and a quarter new residential units built each year in the U.S. alone, as well as the millions more existing buildings which could be retrofitted cost-efficiently without government subsidies. Energy savings could quickly amortize the capital expense of re-insulating existing buildings with this technology. It could create a vibrant retrofitting industry, which today lacks cost-effectiveness, even with government subsidies. It could thereby create many new construction jobs.

Proof of Concept:

Radiation-resistant insulation in opaque walls and roofs can require less energy than glass wall and window insulation because:

Below: the First Look industrial/commercial building in Hagerstown, Maryland, built in 1995 with a precursor vented version of Soleil insulation, used less than 1/4 of its building code-required heating and cooling equipment, and it consumed less than 1/4 of the electricity for heating and cooling projected by its utility company. First Look had to prove to its utility company that it was not bypassing its meter.

Development, Manufacture and Marketing.

Soleil insulation, made with standard manufacturing and materials in boards or rolls 3/4 inch thick, is designed to augment fiberglass and other insulation in buildings; however it has other stand-alone industrial, commercial and military applications.

In its written opinion, the International Searching Authority, under the auspices of the International Patent Cooperation Treaty, accepted Soleil’s basic patent application claims for a radiant barrier with adjacent sealed recesses within a single insulation product as not in conflict with patents of any member nations. Soleil anticipates a substantial E.U. market.

Lacking the requisite management structure and capital, Soleil Insulation Inc. is searching for a company to share its mission of developing, manufacturing and marketing insulation that enables buildings in the near future to achieve zero net energy by halving the energy needed today to cool and heat them.