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The Company:

Headquartered at 1610 Sycamore Ln, Davis CA 95616, the Company owns the Soleil insulation U.S. patent, the pending E.U. patent application and its wholly owned subsidiary GreenTech Modulars. It has no debt, overhead, employees, or outside investors.

Founder, Inventor, Engineer

Mike LeonardMike Leonard is an electrical process control engineer credited with engineering more than 70 large-scale and globally innovative projects. His recognized expertise extends over electrical, hydro, mechanical, and material sciences. He has engineered industrial and government projects totaling more than 100 million square feet valued at 7.2 billion dollars. He is credited with several major inventions. For additional information click on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Founder, CEO and Chairman

Steve JacobsStephen T. Jacobs, a founding director, was previously in partnership with Gerson Bakar to develop Carmel Plaza, and has engaged in various development, construction, leasing, management and consulting for office, shopping, residential and hotel projects. He has started and operated several small businesses. He has provided expert testimony and has been a member of the California Bar Association since 1966.